Listeners FAQs

On Riddleman FM, the stations are single radios that can be browsed over the platform whereas a curated list of these radios based on Language, Genre, Mood, Activity etc. is known as a collection.

Riddleman FM brings thousands of radios to you from various languages, genres, locations and more. These are radios that are directly streamed radio stations in real time. A few stations are on-air for limited number of hours through the day and it is tough to know the schedule they follow.

We are working on getting real time schedule from these stations to have only on-air radios available for you to listen.

Sure you can! Riddleman FM allows you to like, share and collect the radios of your choice into your own personalised collection that you can share and listen to with others.

Radio Station FAQs

Indeed you can! We are always eager to bring together radios in the form of a community. The bigger the community, the better it is.

To add your radio CLICK HERE and fill our the form

In order to get information changed on a radio, we will have to verify that you are the owner of the station.

To do so, fill out the form by CLICKING HERE and we will verify the information by getting in touch with you. Once verified, we shall make the changes.

A radio shall be removed from the platform under the followeing conditions:

  • There is a copyright issue
  • Illegal content is being streamed
  • The radio is harassing someone

To do so, please reach out to us on contact@riddlemanfm.com and we shall verify the information you provide and instantly suspend the radio station from the platform.

We respect all complaints and feedbacks. In order to register a complaint or provide a feedback about a radio, please reach out to us at contact@riddlemanfm.com and we shall take it into account as soon as possible.