Explore and Listen to Radios

For every mood.
For every activity.
All for free.

Bringing together radios on the platform as a community.

Remember getting into your car, tuning into your favourite radio and sitting back to enjoy the ear curated collection of music?

It’s all here!

Riddleman FM bring that experience with thousands of radios from
multiple genres, languages and locations ear curated into collections
for you to discover, explore and enjoy new music.

Weekly Radio Collections

We don’t settle just for a better listening experience.

That is why we bring radio collections, which includes a set of similar radios ear curated by our team and sorted by genres you love, moods you are in or activities you are doing.
Simply choose a collection, click play and enjoy.
New collections are added every week.

Listen anywhere, anytime for any mood.

A Community Of

Live Radios

We have more than just collections. Browse through individual radios and build your own collection to share it with your friends and family to listen together.

Last But Not The Least

This goes out to the stations across the world working hard to curate music for listeners to enjoy it with a great experience. Riddleman FM could never have been possible without you. If you wish to get in touch to collaborate, provide feedbacks or simply talk, we are all ears.